We offer many quality products to fulfill the needs of each of our Customer Type. From individual coffee K-cups and coffee brewing machines to cups and lids, and everything in between. Customized signage and cabinetry are also available, based on your specific needs. Select a tab to view more info.

Filter Pack
Portion Pack
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We source the highest quality coffees from the world’s coffee growing regions.  Import them to our roaster. We then blend, roast and package for delivery.  Our reps then deliver these freshly roasted coffees to our customers for brewing and enjoying.  We have over 40 blends and can meet anyone’s flavor desires.

We offer several types of packaging to meet the demands of our customers.


Filter Packs

These eliminate the mess of open grounds and increase consistency.  This brewing process is quite unique and we have perfected the method to give coffees brewed in this manner bold yet smooth flavor without the risk of grounds in your cup or grounds spilling around the work area.


Portion Pack

The standard packaging in the coffee service industry.  Each bag is packaged with gourmet coffee then nitrogen flushed before sealing.  The nitrogen forces all oxygen out of the bag thus increasing freshness time.



We have 14 of our blends available for use in the new K-cup Brewers.  Our k-cups have more coffee than most other k-cups on the market.  This added coffee provides a richer fuller flavor, especially when using the larger option brew that most K-cup Brewers offer.


Whole Bean 

We also offer our coffees in Whole Bean for customers who want fresh ground offerings.  We have an extensive selection of whole bean coffees.  Our whole bean coffee is packaged while still warm and in bags with one-way valves.  As the roasted beans degas this forces the oxygen out of the valve which maintains freshness.

water filter products under sink
fresh filtered water products
water filter products

Refreshing water for your employees and customers is an inexpensive and healthy way to improve morale and satisfaction. Over our years of business, we have developed an offering for water to save our customers time, space, and money.

We have several water systems available.


Enviro-filtered three-stage system- sediment, phosphate, carbon filters.

This system uses your existing water supply and runs it through a series of filters removing odor and tastes, producing a crisp cold refreshing water.


RO system- Sediment, carbon, RO membrane, and polishing carbon filters.

This system uses your existing water supply and runs it through a series of filters removing odor and tastes then forces it thru a Reverse Osmosis membrane where pure water is separated from chlorine, iron, and most contaminate producing the same water as bottling companies.  In fact, most water bottlers use an RO system to create their water.

After filtration, we can plumb the filtered water to coffee machines, Ice makers, and coolers.

No installation fees!

No Contracts!

restroom products
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We strive to become as much as a one-stop vendor for our customers as possible.  We have established a solid supply chain for paper/custodial supplies.  Every business needs bathroom supplies and kitchen supplies for cleanup and serving.   We work directly with suppliers and have created very competitive pricing structures.  We supply needed equipment for dispensing paper and soap at no cost.  We then back up our paper supply service with the same service that we have on our coffee delivery.

This has become a great part of our business.  Our paper program has proved to be very valuable for our customers because of our quality, price and how we service it.  Let us show the benefits of a headache free no contract paper program.

We install all dispensers, replace or fix as needed, and check supplies and restock.

  • Paper towels
  • Toilet tissue
  • Facial tissue
  • Soap
  • Paper Plates / Cutlery
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cups and Lids
  • and more!

No contracts!  No delivery fees! No rental fees!

Hot Beverages
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hot beverage products

When it’s chilly outside a hot rich and smooth drink can really boost morale and provide comfort. Try our complete line of gourmet hot cocoa, cappuccinos and chai teas.  We have portioned pack options as well as bulk offerings and machines that serve them.

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We can deliver cold beverages for your office or iced beverages for your store.   We have an extensive list of products to refresh anyone on those hot summer days.

  • Soda
  • Energy Drinks (Redbull)
  • Iced tea
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Slushi / granita
  • Snacks -popcorn, cookies, nuts, dried fruit, etc.