Our customer is our number one priority. They range from restaurants and coffee shops to convenience stores, offices, and wholesale distribution. We also love partnering with our customers in creating customized graphics for our roasted bean packages for fundraising purposes.

Companies today are focusing more and more on the morale of their employees.

Improve employee morale and enhance customer experience with affordable gourmet coffee.

Coffee is a whole lot more than a “hot beverage that a company pays for and allows employees to drink”.  It has become an important tool in improving employee morale and productivity, it also adds comfort to customers and clients.  The difference between “cheap” lower quality coffee and gourmet coffee is pennies per cup but the benefit of offering your hard-working employees and valued customers a quality cup is priceless.

Let us design an offering of machines and quality products for your employees and customers.  Our professionals make it easy and worry-free.  We customize your beverage offering to suit your needs and wants.  We have extensive machine options as well as packaging.


  • Countless blends and packaging
  • Whole bean, portion pack, filter-pack, bulk, k-cup
  • Most equipment loaned at no charge
  • Custom graphics on pots at no charge
  • Free install
  • A handshake and thank you
  • Competitive pricing
  • Same day service on emergencies
  • Regular visits include cleaning, ordering, delivering, stocking

We have been leading hot beverage development in the Northwest for 15 years.  Our knowledge of trends, outside the box thinking, graphic making ability and quality products make it easy for our customers to have us design and market their stores and hot beverages.   We do everything “in-house”.  Our skilled professionals will take care of everything from measuring, designing, installing, to servicing.  Let us show you what a solid hot beverage program looks, feels and tastes like.  We are confident we can increase your sales and build customer loyalty.


  • Customized hot beverage area.
  • Several packaging options
  • Private Blending
  • State of the art equipment
  • Free install
  • Regular visits include cleaning, ordering, delivering, stocking
  • Full line of products
  • Same day service on emergencies (even weekends and holidays)
  • No Contracts

If you could change one thing about your coffee service,  What would it be?  Quality? Price? Service? Personnel? Treasure Valley has the ability to offer the highest quality at competitive pricing. Backed by friendly service from people who care about your business and your customers.


  • Private Blending
  • Multiple packaging options
  • State of the art equipment
  • Free install
  • Regular visits include cleaning, ordering, delivering, stocking
  • Same day service on emergencies (even after hours)
  • No Contracts

Custom coffee and friendly knowledgeable sales/delivery team.   We have the ability to create your own coffee and package it with your name and logo.  What a great way to set yourself apart from your competition.   Start building your own brand and customer loyalty.  Work with us and create a gourmet blend roasted just for you.  We also have the ability to create menus and outdoor graphics to grab the attention of passers-by.


  • Private Blending and labeling
  • Customized graphics
  • Weekly deliveries
  • Emergency response with equipment
  • Training of employees

Enhance your product offering or improve your current Hot Beverage program.  Our roasting and packaging line provides Wholesalers the ability to build their own name and offer the highest quality products available.  With our custom sign shop, we can also help wholesalers offer a creative touch to key customers.


  • Private Blending and labeling.
  • Customized graphics.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Training of sales force.
  • NO shipping fees.

Customized gourmet coffee. 

We offer the ability to have private labeled one pound bags for any fundraising program. (150 lb minimum roast*). A great fundraising program is to sell personalized gourmet coffee to raise those funds.   Most everyone loves coffee and now your target market can support your cause and enjoy handcrafted gourmet coffee.

Sports, Schools, Clubs, etc.


*Minimum roast yields approximately 120 pounds finished

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