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We Are The Premier Coffee Roaster and Supplies Distributor

Family owned and operated.  Roasting coffee in Southeast Washington.  Distributing supplies to businesses throughout the northwest. We specialize in developing coffee programs that cater to the needs of any type of business.   With state of the art equipment, custom graphics, unmatched service, and fresh hand-crafted gourmet coffees and a vast product list.   Our team will Save you time, Serve your needs, and Surpass your expectations.

Treasure Valley Coffee has selected Service Peace Warriors as one of this years recipients of their annual donation.  We were thrilled to hear about this organization and how it helps our veterans. A portion of all TVC cup sales is donated to our veterans.



We have a vast product line to meet the needs of businesses. Gourmet coffee, paper supplies, water systems, snacks, cold drinks, etc. Our team visits business sites and orders, delivers, and puts away products. This eliminates time and energy spent by employees on these tasks. We take care of it! If there is an emergency our crew is just a phone call away.

– Delivering and ordering

– Phone call away

– Consolidate services

– Product offering

– Versatile payment options



Our product line combined with our state of the art equipment allows reliable deliverance of products to employees or customers. Employees can focus on their assigned tasks while our team takes care of the supplies they need every day. Our high quality will satisfy employee’s tastes and build loyalty with customers. The ability to have your custom graphics displayed helps market your business name and increase your brand awareness with customers.

– Increase productivity

– Improve employee morale

– Create customer loyalty

– Create brand awareness



From regularly scheduled visits which include a thorough cleaning of coffee and water equipment, to guaranteed same day service on emergencies, businesses can be assured of a headache free partnership. We have built our reputation on our service levels.  Leading the industry in service is a statement of great pride for us.

– Friendly customer service oriented team

– 24-hour service

– Cleaning service

– Regularly scheduled visits

– Quality products

– Quality equipment